Reach Up Promotions

Grab your customer’s attention from miles away!

Why Inflatable Advertising?

Brings in Even More Customers

Draw people into your location with swaying advertising flags, huge custom inflatables, and jazzy tube dancers. They’ll capture customer attention and bring them right into your business.

Leaves Competition in the Dust

If all you do is copy your competitors, you’ll never have the advantage. While they’re throwing money out the window on small lawn signs or traditional media no one is paying attention to, you can outshine them with huge, unavoidable inflatable advertising. Market with oversized flags, memorable advertising balloons and cloud busting balloons to direct customer attention to you and you alone.

Suits Your Budget

If you weigh inflatable and flag advertising to online marketing or publication ads, you’ll discover that your return on investment is quicker and much better! Reach Up Promotion’s products are budget friendly and get customers right where you want them. Let us show you how!

Develops a Memorable Brand Image

Branding makes or breaks a business. Businesses that make a brand statement will stick in their customers minds. Larger-than-life balloons, brightly colored and active tube dancers, and waving feather flags surrounding your entrance or signaling your location will generate the buzz your business needs for viral sharing. When people talk about your branding or the advertising in front of your store, your business profits.


Imagine a colossal balloon strung above your business. It’s colorful and positioned so that customers miles away are noticing. At Georgia-based Reach Up Promotions, we can make it happen!

If you want to grab the attention of every single person that walks within a mile of your business, a one-of-a-kind inflatable balloon will fit seamlessly into your marketing plan. We collaborate design with you and create a unique creation you’ll be proud to display at your event or company location. Advertising balloons minimum height is 20 feet, but Reach Up Promotions can make it as large and brilliant as you can dream it! They’ll tell the world what you want it to hear in the loudest “voice” on the market. Mom and Pop shops, restaurants and pubs, sports venues, non-profit organizations, and even department and chain stores can benefit from the customer lure hot air advertising balloons generate. Then couple that big statement with sidewalk level flapping tube dancers or waving pennant strings to welcome customers inside. With your ideas and our ingenuity and experience, Reach Up Promotions can drastically increase your sales!


Reach Up Promotions wants nothing more than to create your advertising vision, get it properly installed, and let it work its magic! We’re more than just advertising – we assist you with the entire process from set up to break down in order to give you the best service experience possible. Consider us for your next promotion or event!

Superior Printing

The best digital technology and high quality materials

Expert Design

Your ideas doctored up for optimum sales.

Maintenance and Repair

From the drawing board to break down, we’re here to help!